Special Offers for Special People
To those who love music
Thank you for visiting this website of www.hh-musicproductions.com!
Let's go on talking about music: "music on demand".

We are producing and publishing new music for you, primary and personally,
but of course - for justice's sake -
for those too who love music :)

new music, for example,
especially created

musicians, soloists, music teachers, instrumentalists, nursery-school teacher, children,
schoolboys and schoolgirls, singers and students

and for

choirs and choirmasters, conductors, church musicians, reverends, pop stars,
poetesses and poets, lyricists and dramatists, writers, authoresses and authors

and also for

text editors, ghost-writers and ghetto-blasters,
ensembles, small bands and big bands, orchestras,
firms, enterprises, companies and organisations,
schools, theaters and churches,
young people and retirees,
... :)

(PS: Many of these music-lovers are already our appreciated customers!)

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