Frequently Asked Questions
How can I order my first personal piece of music on demand? Quite simply: e-mail your musical wishes to:! Let's talk together friendly, creatively and intelligently about your musical ideas.
How much will I have to pay for my first personal piece of music on demand? Don't worry, you'll be surprised! Just call us for further informations (Tel.: +4940 870 803 54) or send an e-mail to:!
I wrote some lyrics. May I send you the texts? It will give us great pleasure to think upon your words musically! We shall submit you some musical proposals in return.
How long will I have to wait for my first personal piece of music on demand? It depends on the complexity of your demanded kind of music; regularly between one and three months.
Do you accept scripts or books? I've just accomplished a new screenplay and I need some music for different scenes. No question - this is our favorite main occupation and always a great musical challenge for us!
Will there be any problems or difficulties if I'm not pleased or satisfied with your delivered music on demand? No, not at all; let it be - but try it first!
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